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Tailor-made travel for two


Our signature cocktails

When most couples plan their honeymoon trip they usually look for the one ideal location.

Our speciality is in crafting honeymoon 'cocktails' that not only appeal to you as a couple but cater for your individual tastes. A weekend skiing, followed by a week on a remote island, and finished off with a shopping spree, for example.


Above are just some of the many worldly ingredients we can put together for you, no matter how particular your tastes or budgets are. No two weddings are the same, so email us and let us help you create a honeymoon that is as individual as you.

Let's make a plan

The intro


We sit down and chat to get a better understanding about your preferences as a couple, rather as two individuals. We also discuss preferred destinations, mood, tone, special requirements, timings, and budgets.


This also is a good time to see if you wish to proceed any further with our services. It is obligation-free, so please don't feel pressured in any way.

You commit


Once you feel that you are happy to proceed with our services, we ask for a small commitment fee to commence on your project. This commitment fee is part of the final cost and will be 100% deducted from the total package cost.

We craft


Based on all the information we collect from you, we begin to finesse and fine-tune. We get in touch with our contacts from around the world and assemble a care package that's a true reflection of you as a couple.


We also provide to all our customers a 24/7 concierge service while you are away. This allows you to relax, even more, knowing we are always only a phone call away.


Just the FAQs

Can we book part of the
trip ourselves?


Unfortunately, no. We have learnt through past experience that in order to create a well-planned trip all elements need to be arranged and confirmed by the one person. This way we also obtain favourable rates for you and provides the tailored experience you expect from us.



How does your payment plan
work exactly?


Our booking procedure requires an initial payment of a commitment fee which comes off the total package. Once we have received the payment we will send you an itinerary with the flight details and specific resort information. Upon receiving your proposed itinerary or options you will be able to make any amendments you may require, before paying for your flights and an additional payment to lock in the selected resort and internal flights /transfers etc. The balance is required 80 days prior to departure.



Do you arrange travel
insurance for us?


Yes, of course, we can. We do have a preferred company that provides us with very competitive rates. This also means you have one less thing to worry about. 

What makes The Honeymoon Boutique different from a regular travel agency?


Just like weddings, no two honeymoons are (or should be) the same. The relationship we build and the questions we ask our clients to help us craft an experience like no other. The little discoveries we have made over the many years of travel are what we use to make sure every trip fits each couple like a well-tailored outfit.




How does the Honeymoon
Registry work?


Our Honeymoon Registry allows your guests to contribute to the cost of your honeymoon by either purchasing experiences – anything from a candlelit dinner to a relaxing massage, to a day trip or contributing towards the overall cost your Honeymoon Boutique trip. We will also print out cards that you can place inside your invitations, with all the information the guest requires to help with your dream honeymoon. 


Gifts will go towards the couple's honeymoon account and will help make their first trip as husband and wife one they will truly cherish and remember for many years to come.  


PLEASE NOTE: Gifts and messages are only seen by the bride & groom and are not visible by other guests. If you prefer to make payment via DIRECT DEPOSIT please contact our office on
1300 789 787


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