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Traditionally, honeymoons never received the attention weddings did. Until now 

We are a team of passionate travel aficionados in Sydney that have decades (and thousands of kilometres) of travel experience. After many years of seeing how happy we’ve made newlyweds – with carefully thought out and personalised honeymoon packages – we decided that we wanted to do more than just sell plane tickets.


We absolutely love sitting with you and finding out about what destinations or themes excite you. Then we sprinkle some of our expertise into the mix to make it truly sizzle. Like a week of skiing, followed by an island retreat, then finishing off with a little retail therapy. We like to call them ‘Honeymoon Cocktails’, and it is what we do best.


Drop us an email or call and find out how we can tailor an experience made especially for you. Finally, honeymoons can be as individual as your wedding day.

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